Make sails

8 February 2021
Tende solari fisse per esterno

Spring arrives quickly and the need to cover outdoor spaces from the sunlight becomes essential, Plastecomilano solutions are flexible and of high design.

With laminated wood or concrete elements, PVC membranes andstainless steel details, our sails are weather-resistant and wearing out.

A simple solution that will allow you to have shaded environments without distorting the architecture of the space itself but rather fits with elegance into the surrounding environment.
Everything is adaptable to your personal needs as our technicians design each tailor-made sail, accompanying you in the choice and evaluations always under your indications and needs.

The choice of the sails can be destined to public areas or private gardens, they adapt perfectly in environments intended for events (weddings, ceremonies, restaurants, party areas etc etc) and even more simply to the home gardens as the structure’s encumbrance itself is not in the way.

The result of the size of the sail together with the intended use, will indicate the most suitable option of the material to be used, evaluating color, weight and type of fabric itself.

A beautiful space where you can spend happy moments offered and create for you by our technical staff who have been studying the most suitable solutions for your every space for decades.

Tende da sole per giardino fissa
Tende solari fisse per esterni