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We are used to seeing Padel court covers as mesh steel structures that ” wrap up” the court/fields, giving that “warehouse” vibe. Also, we have seen that some apply a pressostatic cover altering its shape with excessively vertical walls, thus making the cover itself unstable and at constant risk of tearing (a strong wind can tear the cover); plus the annual operating costs of assembly and disassembly are a factor to consider.
For this purpose, FT s.r.l. Plasteco Milano wondered whether finding a solution that could meet standards and be in harmony with the context was possible.
So, we set out to provide a new form to bring something unprecedented into the Padel cover market.

A 60-year legacy intertwined with creativity and innovation prowess.

The different color of the arches from the usual brown is meant to brighten the structure further, making it even more visually light and providing a relaxed feeling to the players and the audience that will use the installation.
A major highlight is the side closures, which can also be windowed so that the outside audience can see what is under the cover as well as increase the brightness of the cover.
A key detail is the option of having these closures in a double membrane design to increase energy-saving efficiency while keeping running costs in check.

Finally, the idea of “ribbon windows” will visually make the marquee lighter by increasing light and shadow effects and giving shape to a larger and brighter environment.

Colore archi copertura padel
copertura campo da padel

We also pay particular care to the specially designed track to be trip-proof. Lastly, we decided to put the heating system on the arches so that the structure can be used even during winter.

The motor of the heating machine is mounted on the outside, thus not affecting aesthetics, while the fan part is installed between the courts so as not to cause any inconvenience to the players.
We used an Apen Group product rated up to 109% efficiency, Energy Efficiency Class A, and Nox Class 6.

Tetto in materiale traslucido per illuminazione naturale

The skylight choice will help with energy efficiency by reducing artificial light and making the most of natural light. The diffusion of Natural Light is extended throughout the day resulting in considerable Energy Savings from artificial lighting.
But can you really delay switching the lights on?
Yes, the translucent strip makes it possible to postpone the switching on of Led projectors when the sun sets and therefore a Savings on the electricity bill. Thanks to this brilliant solution, which our company has been applying since as far back as 1966, you can enjoy an aesthetically beautiful shed with improved livability.

Naturally, the roofing membranes, including the sky strip, can be manufactured according to the type chosen, in a single sheet, double sheet, triple sheet, and even quadruple sheet (Now compulsory in Switzerland for a few years). The material used for the fabrication of the light window offers the same features and performance as those commonly used in the construction of indoor courts and provides the guarantees to which our users have been accustomed for decades. Also, thanks to the anti-mold and UV-protective coating, the material used does not degrade or turn yellow before natural deterioration caused by years of use.

impianto illuminazione copertura padel

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