Above-ground pool
Manta Bay

Plastecomilano presents its new Manta Bay above-ground pool. It is designed jointly with Botany Bay Srl and offers a simple yet refined solution where textile architecture and nautical technology blend. The Manta Bay above-ground pool is unique in the world and is designed to fit into any location: glamping and resorts, private gardens and terraces, rooftops, beaches, and even alongside another pool, for a relaxation and design combination.

A 60-year legacy intertwined with creativity and innovation prowess.

There are several options available.

– 3-seater: designed for small rooms, it features a total capacity of approximately 4,000 liters of water, incidence of about 1,800Kg/sqm, and depth of 50 cm;

– 5-seater: the best balance between capacity and footprint, it sports a volume/surface area ratio with a maximum incidence of 2,750kg/sqm. It has a total capacity of 6,000 liters with a depth of 50 cm;

– 10-seater: best suited for large spaces and facilities accessible to the public, with an average incidence of 1,700kg/sqm, depth of 50 cm, and 10,000 liters overall capacity.

From a technical standpoint, the Manta Bay above-ground pool packs innovation and design. It is made of the highest-performance tarpaulins used for marquees, consisting of woven wires and double-coated with PVC. It is supported by a metal carpentry structure painted with a special technique called TRIPLEX, which provides enhanced protection against aggressive environments and impacts.

Piscina Manta Bay
Piscina in giardino
Piscina fuoriterra

Moreover, the sheeting plates and edge ropes are made of 316 L stainless steel, perfect for applications on sandy surfaces and/or near brackish water with high alkaline content.

The standard fittings of the pool include a filter with a pump, nozzles for evenly spreading the water into the pool, and a tank for compensation water (which can also be used as a soft cushion to lie and sunbathe). A highlight of note is that the pool is designed to be an infinity pool with water recirculation through a “waterfall,” which, in addition to producing a natural, relaxing sound, contributes to the adequate oxygenation of the water.

The customization options for Manta Bay are plenty, from printing a logo, inscription, or photo to customizing the cushions and the color of the sheet. For an “extra” flair and to convert your above-ground pool into an actual spa, you can also take advantage of a heater, whirlpool, and a range of additional accessories.

Manta Bay by Plasteco Milano is the icing on the cake of your summer (and your winter!).

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