Plasteco protections

20 September 2019
protezione per coperture creativity

Plasteco Milano’s creativity and innovation at the service of protecting the electric lines of lighting systems.
Thanks to the connection system invented by Techno, we were able to achieve a degree of protection on the electrical lines of the lighting system equal to IP 68.
With this new system that replaces the outdated junction boxes, we have reduced production times and the overall dimensions of the connections, offering the customer an excellent, innovative, aesthetically beautiful and modern solution.
This technology allows to stop condensation by making our cables totally insulated and sealed, in addition to this, installation is significantly simplified with pre-wired solutions, therefore it will not be necessary to open the box and make complex wiring.
In addition to being high-performance (IP68), the quick plug socket connectors are sturdy and safe, with a quick bayonet coupling ring nut and a solid locking system.
The whole is more PERFORMING than the classic junction boxes, reducing space and giving maximum protection to the cables, furthermore there is maximum tensile strength thanks to the cable locking system which guarantees a perfect TIGHTNESS to stress even during the installation phase.
All this to provide superior service to our customers, who, relying on Plasteco Milano, are looking for above-average quality with cutting-edge technological innovations.