The three arches Plasteco Milano

25 May 2021
Nuovo Progetto Plasteco Milano 3 archi

With this new project, Plasteco Milano confirms its historical aptitude for innovation and aesthetic research in the world of sports covers.

We have simplified and redesigned the now classic laminated wood structures with 6 arches, obtaining a new configuration with only 3 arches spaced 10 meters apart, secured and connected by a mesh of steel cables, with great attention to aesthetics through a saddle type cut.

As usual, the configuration of the work is completed with the best accessories such as the semi-rigid infill with aluminum rods with anti-trip track, the translucent window at the ridge and the now inevitable conveyor connected directly to the generator’s delivery sleeve.

With this new project, we propose a new type of structure that reduces the costs of construction and new assembly of sports facilities, dictating a guideline for the future of the sector.

Our design and sales Team is ready to answer all your requests for clarification regarding the 3-arch structure, do not hesitate to contact us at or at the telephone number +39 02 9989701.