Pneumatic Tents Plasteco Milano

10 June 2019
how to realize a pneumatic tent

The “TAG” pneumatic tent are particularly suitable to respond in the best way to any emergency situation.
By simply blowing air into the pneumatic structure, structures can be made available in a few minutes for an easy, comfortable and fast realization of:

  • First intervention
  • First aid station
  • Field hospital
  • First coordination center
  • Areas of aggregation
  • Dormitory

For greater comfort and use of the “TAG” tents, the FT company has a wide range of accessories suitable and specific for field use.
Among the most valuable features in the field logistics of “TAG” tents we can list:

  • Modularity
  • Simplicity of assembly
  • Convenience of storage
  • Reliability of the structures
  • They do not require specialist staff

These qualities allow a quick realization of temporary fields in various functions according to operational needs.