Continuous glazing for tensile structures

22 May 2019
finestratura per tensostrutture

“..The windows can run from one edge of the facade to the other. The window is the typical mechanical element of the house; for all our single-family housing, our villas, our workers’ houses, our rental buildings .. “[Le Corbusier] [Le Corbusier]

With these words, Architect Le Corbusier explains one of the Five points for a new Architecture. Focusing on the idea of ​​the strip window, we decided to re-propose it in our tensile structures in a completely unique way. The “strip window” that runs along the side of our tensile structures, is proposed by us in double membrane, this to ensure both structural and functional continuity between the upper part of the structure and the lower one, thus managing to reduce thermal dispersions which can occur with a lateral single membrane infill and also increasing the brightness at the field level. In conclusion, the idea of ​​the “strip windows” will visually make the tensile structure lighter by increasing the play of light and shadows and giving shape to a larger and brighter environment.