New design above ground pool

17 December 2020
piscina fuori terra

Plastecomilano in collaboration with Botany Bay Srl, proposes an innovative product that wants to revolutionize the world of above ground pools, a simple but design realization that fits between inground (expensive) and less beautiful above ground pools.

Theabove ground pools are made with the most performing membranes used for the tensile structures, consisting of interwound) threads and double PVC coating, they are supported by a metal structure painted with a special technique called TRIPLEX, this to obtain greater protection to aggressive environments and collisions.

As always, at Plastecomilano we work on details such as, for example, sheet plates and edge ropes made of 316 L stainless steel, specially designed for installations on sandy surfaces and / or in the vicinity of brackish waters with a high alkaline content.

The high-performance material and refined design make our pools an aesthetically attractive piece of furniture, to the point of wanting it inside our private garden and not just near public facilities such as Glamping and camping.

To meet the needs of our customers, after carrying out various researches, we have opted to create three different types of pools in relation to the size and number of people they can accommodate. The options are for 3, 5 or 10 guests, therefore suitable for families who want to relax in private, or alternatively excellent for parties and / or special occasions.

Our above ground pools can be equipped with a sound diffusion device, which uses the water and the structure itself as a sound box. This will allow you to listen to your favorite music and at the same time take advantage of the vibration of the redistributed sound waves to make you enjoy a relaxing massage.

Included in our pools you will find a filter with pump, nozzles for the water’s uniform diffusion inside the pool, a tank for the compensation water that is also used as a soft cushion on which to lie down and sunbathe comfortably. It is important to remember that the pool is designed to be an infinity edge which water recirculation is given by a “waterfall” which, in addition to producing a natural and relaxing sound, is useful (as in nature) to oxygenate the water itself.

Of course, in addition to what is reported, our above ground pools are 100% customizable, we can print a logo, a writing, a photo on the sheet, or customize the immersion cushions, change the sheet’s colors. In short, there are a lot of possibilities to customize and make your pool unique!

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