Arches in galvanized iron or in laminated wood?

10 April 2019

Over the last decade, the cost of iron has increased due to the progressive industrial needs of the Chinese giant, making the construction of metal structural arches more expensive than glulam.

The arches and the beams of the modern constructions are produced by drawing from areas of origin of the wood controlled both for the calendarization of the reforestation and for the quality of the raw material.

Arches in laminated wood

Unlike the extraction of iron ore that has a devastating environmental impact, wood is a renewable and completely ecological material.

Plastecomilano in the global interest of safeguarding our planet, manufactures tensile structures in laminated wood in all sizes, heights and colors.

Wood by nature flexible, lends itself to being bent until the desired shape is reached, it is clear that it can be considered a friendly material for architects and designers who can give shape to their most daring fantasies.