Above ground Manta Bay pool the new form of relaxation

17 June 2021
piscina fuori terra

Manta Bay is a new idea of ​​above ground pool, the maximum expression of design applied to relaxation. Plasteco Milano created it in collaboration with architects Francesco Benzi and Elisabetta Artuso of Botany Bay, creators of the concept.

But there is much more to be found in this little jewel of textile architecture. The materials used, from the PVC membrane to the supporting structure in 316L stainless steel painted with the TRIPLEX technique, the recirculation and oxygenation circuit that benefits from the overflow level of the water with a small waterfall to add sound relaxation, up to the infinite possibilities of customization.

A unique swimming pool in the world

Manta Bay is unique in the world, designed to integrate into any location: glamping and resorts, private gardens and terraces, roofs, beaches and, why not, even on the edge of another swimming pool, to give a touch of elegance. The assembly mechanism – for which no works or permits are required – ensures a quick and easy setup, as well as quick and painless removal at the end of the season, and to make this above ground pool even more special, we have created a diffusion system of sound that uses water and the structure itself as a sound box: background music and vibrations of sound waves, an enchanting massage for body and mind.

A measure of relaxation

With the addition of a heater, a whirlpool or accessories, it also becomes your personal Spa, open all year round. Available in several sizes, for 3, 5 or 10 people, we like to call it “an immersion chaise longue”, a synthesis of technology and style capable of enhancing any architecture: homes, hospitality, leisure.

2021 is the right year to treat yourself to a dream: it’s called Manta Bay and we at Plasteco Milano created it for you.