Technical items
Special products

Thanks to the know-how and product engineering in the flexible technical articlessector, Plasteco Milano has become interested in many different areas: chemicals, foodstuffs, offshore, industry etc., according to the specific requirements of the customer. Materials with high mechanical strength and coatings suitable for final use are used to produce these articles. The technologies used in their manufacture vary from high frequency welding to heat welding and cold bonding. In addition to the products illustrated above, we also produce the following articles:
Inflatable formwork
Inflatable lifting bags
Floating tanks (sea towing shuttle)
Membranes for wine presses
Containerised flexible tanks (flexitank)
FT srl - Massive overturning of granitic bank in quarry by high pressure pillows – size 2.7 x 45 x height 18 mt - 6000 Tons – by Technotrade