Technical items
“TEA” tent model with metal frame structure

The new type of “TEA” tents manufactured by our Company are characterised by their exterior aluminium load-bearing structure (Exoskeleton); the tent is assembled onto the outer frame by means of quick connection systems (carabiners, buckles, safety lock pins, etc.). All components which secure the tent to the structure are stainless steel while the intersections are made of fibre-glass reinforced nylon
Given the speed of assembly, the tent can be readily employed in diverse operational emergencies such as tent cities, field hospitals, shelters, etc.
The TEA tent is available in versions with different surface areas ranging from 20 to 80 m2.
tenda struttura metallica teaTEA

tenda struttura metallica teaTEA 26 integrated entrance module

tenda struttura metallica teaTEA front view

interno con parziale telo coibenteInterior with partial insulation sheet

particolare del montantedetail of the column

particolare innestodetail of a coupling