When the idea becomes reality.
From plastic fabric to construction technology

Development, design…and everything else that follows.

The development and design process starts from the specific request of the customer, which we follow entirely within our structure, controlling all of the processes: fromproduction to the inspection, up until eventual installation.

Just one choice for the plastic materials: the best.

There are no compromises. The quality of the best product can be thwarted if the choice of the material is not perfect. This criteria is applied on all fronts: from the most common polyester/polyamide fibre fabrics coated with PVC compounds and polyurethane thermoplastic elastomers (both with polyester and polyether matrix), to the most sophisticated aramid/glass/other fibres with compound of a different nature (etfe , pvdf, etc.).

Production process.

The use of more modern and sophisticated high frequency welding plants (H.F.W.) coupled with computerized cutting increase the qualitative standard of our product. But, no matter how much technology requires modern production, nothing can yet replace the hand of a man. Plasteco Milano’s authentic competitive assets are the design engineers, the production technicians, the quality control and the inspection and assembly staff, trained for every eventuality: a team of excellent, consolidated and approved collaborators, able to make the difference in every situation.

Developed, created and inspected.

Everything that leaves our departments and arrives in the field is always rigorously inspected. The quality control in Plasteco Milano is active on all fronts of the production process and in all moments of the same. This is also valid for the more complex technical products, such as the water barriers, the balloons for marine recovery,the hydrostatic testing, the the self-supporting inflatable tents, the geomembranes, the articles dedicated to Civil protection and the products specific for the environment and for theoil & gas. The same attention is also given to products intended to operate in extreme conditions, from the freezing cold to scorching heat, to the enormous special high technology covering structures. We are a company committed to innovation and creativity.

Guaranteed and certified results

Everything that we make and offer the customer is guaranteed by compliance with building and construction standards, from the certified materials, the checks performed by audit institutes and the respect of national and international Regulations regarding construction of the cover structures and the technical products in general.

Innovation is in our DNA.

Plasteco Milano’s history is interwoven with creativity and innovation skills from the start and carries the need for continuous renewal in its genes. The technological development proceeds in two directions: on one hand moving around the worldwide scenario to find state-of-the-art materials and products; Plasteco Milano has been first to introduce many technological solutions onto the national market in this field. On the other hand, constantly renewing the production processes to keep them always ready for the new challenges made by the global market.